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MyCloud keeps disappearing off network

Have you got Western Digital MyCloud ?

With the My Cloud personal storage device, you’re able to have reliable storage in one place for your photos, videos, important files – anything you save – and share it anywhere you have an internet connection. With the automatic backup and synchronization software, your content is up to date and accessible from all your devices.

However, most user complain about MyCloud keep disappearing off network. It on and off, sometimes we can find on network, most time it doesn’t.

Related to this topic, I’m using my WD MyCloud 4TB device as example. I guess it should be the same which model you are using, because it is using the same system.

So, what to do if MyCloud is disappearing?

Through google you may find tons of ways to regain access to your MyCloud, however, as you snooping around, you’ll find that it’s just a bug that MyCloud have, especially on Windows system. No matter what system you are using, from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10, the problem stay the same, as I already tested it on Windows XP, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 with latest update.

Some say that you should turn it off, or reboot it. Well, yes. It solves problem. Just enough to disappear again at another 30 minutes or so. But not always.

Now, I came up, or found another less destructive method to manage this problem.

The key is network setting. What the ?

See, much discussion on the internet we can also find that actually, although it disappear, it not really disconnected. In most cases we can still access MyCloud Dashboard or access files through or using MyCloud apps, or even using direct IP address. This shows that it may not MyCloud’s bug, it might be Windows’s bug. Anyway, if that is the case, then turning off, or rebooting, or even resetting, won’t actually solves the problem, as the problem remains.

So then yes, network setting is the key. All you must to do is to ensure that your MyCloud is connected to DHCP server, and make sure you use dynamic IP for MyCloud, both on MyCloud Dashboard and on Router setting. This way, every time MyCloud is disappearing, just unplug network cable that link to MyCloud for a sec and plug it in again. Then try check network on windows explorer and it should come up again.

This method is working great for me, and it is less destructive, MyCloud stay up, it only detect network loss, so your data and your MyCloud device will be safe as the device stays on all the time.

However back to you, as you may find tons of ways to solve you problem, follow this article, or follow others. Most people says that using static IP is better, well it should be right, but it’s up to you to decide. After all, how each device is connected to the network here and where you are is different.

Sometimes we just have to make peace with our problem, so one by one option become available, while some people just throw away their MyCloud and switch to another product (please give me your old device if you do), up till now I still believe that MyCloud is a great product and other that this topic, there are nothing I can complain about.