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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Dreamweaver – Change, add recognized file extensions

Dreamweaver  – Change, add recognized file extensions


This tweaks applies to the following related symptoms in Adobe Dreamweaver:

  • When opening a file, you see this error message: “Can’t find a valid editor for this file extension.”
  • The color-coding in Code view isn’t matching the color-coding for the file type you want.
  • The server-model functionality isn’t available for your file type.
  • You cannot open a page in Design view. It only opens in Code view.
  • When you go to File > Save, or File > Open, you don’t see the file type you want.

Dreamweaver ships with the ability to edit and display many different file types. This TechNote focuses on customizing Dreamweaver to recognize new file types by editing the Extensions.txt and MMDocumentTypes.xml files, and setting the Open In Code View settings to see the new file types in Design view.

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